Wedding Stationery Checklist – what do you actually need?

There are so many new trends and ideas for weddings every season that it becomes hard to know what to focus your budget on.  Often times, couples think they should save on the invitations and other paper items and spend more on the decor, flowers etc.  Truth of the matter is, spending more on the stationery will allow you to spend less on the decor, flowers and other unnecessary items.

First of all – let’s start from day one – the bridal party. Today’s trend is to create a little gift box with goodies and ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen in person if they will stand with you on the big day.  These little gift boxes are a nice idea, but they can add up quickly.  You’re better off buying “Will you be my bridesmaid” cards and writing a note to each member of the bridal party.  It’s more intimate, personal and …. less expensive.  Later, if you want to get the bridal party gifts buy them earrings or cuff links – something they will need to buy for the wedding and then you are saving them money too.

Next up are “Save the Date Cards” – I personally think that instead of spending on these cards, take the money you are planning to put towards them and put towards buying nicer invitations.  Most people pass their invitations out 2-3 months before the wedding and that’s usually enough notice for the guest. The only time I think Save the Date cards are necessary is if you have friends and family who need to book flights to come to the wedding, or if you are having a destination wedding.  In these instances, the guests need more notice so they book flights to attend.

The “Wedding Invitations” – I think these are the most important part of the wedding! The invitations give the guests the first impression of your wedding.  As soon as the guests receive their invitation they will know the style, theme and type of wedding you are having.  Personalizing your card and making it unique is very important – the invitations speak about who the couple is.  Ordering invitations that 1000’s of others already ordered doesn’t make you as a couple as special as you should be.

The way to save money on the invitations it easy – eliminate unnecessary inserts. Instead of an RSVP card, create a wedding email address for the guests to respond too.  This saves you the cost of the RSVP, envelope and the cost of a stamp.

Directions? Accommodations? Gift Registry? Instead of spending money on these inserts create a wedding website with all of this information and put it on the bottom line of the invitation.

Your guests should open a beautiful unique invitation that’s as beautiful and unique as the couple getting married!

What about “day of” stationery?  There are Table Cards, Place Cards, Escort Cards, Seating Charts, Menus, Programs, etc. the list is endless.  But what do you actually need?

A seating chart or escort card with table numbers is absolutely necessary.  Place cards are not necessary – the seating chart or escort card direct them to their table and they can choose their own chair.

Menus are optional but they really dress up the table and allow for you to spend less on other table decor.  When you are printing a large volume of menus the price is very inexpensive.

Programs are also optional, depending on your budget.  Most people keep them simple with the bridal party names on one side and the order of ceremony on the other side.  Again when you are printing a large volume of these the price is quite inexpensive.

To summarize, I totally recommend “Will you be my ….” Cards for the bridal party instead of gifts.  Scrap the “Save the Dates” (except for the traveling guests) and save on the cost of the card and the stamp that goes with it.  RSVP cards and other inserts can be eliminated with the use of a wedding email address and wedding website.  Spend spend spend on your invitations – this is the guest’s first impression of the wedding!  Organized seating with table numbers is absolutely necessary.  Scrap the place cards.  Menus and Programs are optional but dress things up and allow you to save on other decor.

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Love you all!

Diana Metlege