Support Multiculturalism with Arabic Greeting Cards

Recently I’ve ventured out of the wedding stationery world and started a small line of Arabic Greeting Cards.  

I’m Lebanese and we have many expressions that are so artistic, elegant, funny, poetic, loving, meaningful…. really there are not enough words to describe the beauty of the Arabic language.  The “meaning” of the phrases are really lost in translation and there are no words that can be written to replace them.

Nova Scotia is a very multicultural Province.  Arabic is the third most popular language in Nova Scotia.  It’s actually the number one “unofficial” language in our Province, with English and French being our two “official” languages.  

We have so many Middle Eastern restaurants, shops, bakeries, and there’s even a small section of Arabic books at the new library on Spring Garden Road.  Over the years, as the Middle Eastern population continued to grow here, the availability of items expanded and our local grocery stores now carry Middle Eastern foods.

Our universities and schools have “Arabic Societies” and events. In elementary schools the children are taught about all the holidays celebrated by the different nationalities here.  And although multicultural festivals are not new to our Province, these festivals have expanded vastly and there are a lot more than in the past.

Venues have expanded their knowledge and capabilities to allow our cultures to be able to have our celebrations and social gathering the same as in the Middle East (except for the weather!)

One thing was missing – the ability to celebrate and acknowledge an occasion with a card.  So simple yet absent – we all pass out greeting cards for every single occasion – you name it, there’s a card for it. 

I thought, why not take some of our common expressions used at birthdays, weddings, thank you’s, etc. and design a card that incorporates these expressions.  I used the English alphabet so they can be read and understood by those of us who are Middle Eastern, can speak and understand Arabic, but cannot read or write the language.

I’ve designed 15 simple cards with the most common greetings for a few occasions – birthday, thank you wedding, love and Ramadan. I plan on bringing new designs throughout the year as occasions come, such as Easter and Mother’s Day.

Never has it been more important to support multiculturalism and I hope that you will all enjoy these cards and show your support to the Middle Eastern people in this Province.  

A portion of the proceeds of all cards purchased from my Etsy shop will be donated to ISANS – Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia.

Please check them out on my Etsy shop:

Cards are also available for purchase at the Dalhousie Bookstore, Chocolate by Design on Lower Water Street and SAJ House in Fairview.

Please contact me if you are interested in carrying these cards in your shop or as a fundraiser.

Have a beautiful day…

P.S. Don’t forget to contact me if you need wedding invitations!!!!

Diana Metlege