Do you need Wedding “day of” Stationery?

Summer is here and wedding season has officially begun.  Your invitations are out, RSVPs are rolling back in, everything has been booked and now it’s time for the final details.

“Day of” stationery is always optional, but usually recommended.  These items keep guests organized and in the know about what to expect all day.

Seating chart – yes or no?  It’s definitely good idea to assign your guests to a table, not necessarily a chair.  This accomplishes a number of things – firstly things stay organized and there isn’t chaos when the dining room opens because people are running to get a seat.  Secondly, it ensures that the tables are all filled – what if 7 people sit at a table, leaving 1 seat –  Then a couple comes to sit down and there are only single seats left.  Problem.  Thirdly, you’re guaranteeing that people who know each other or are family get to sit together.  Get a seating chart – No chaos, no people left without seats, no unfilled tables, everyone is sitting with friends/family = happy wedding day!

There are different types of seating charts and different ways to organize it. The most common is a foam core board, which can be as big or small as you need depending on the size of the wedding.  This is likely the most economical type of printed board to get and can be completed rather quickly the week of the wedding.

Once you choose your board you have to decide how you want to list the names – alphabetically or by table number.  The first way is to list all guests’ last names from A-Z and their table number next to their name.  I recommend this method for larger weddings.  The latter way is to have the table numbers listed and a column of names of the people sitting on that table printed underneath.  If you’re having a smaller wedding this layout is ok because people aren’t searching over 30 different table listings to find their names.

Table Numbers – if you decide to have a seating chart, then you definitely need table numbers.  You can be creative and give each table a name instead of a number.  Regardless you need an identifier on each table.  Sometimes the venues will provide you with simple numbers that are fine.  We can make you table numbers that match your seating chart, invitations, wedding decor, etc. You can put them in a frame, on a stand, they can be free standing, etc. – many options.

Place Cards – some people not only assign a table to their guests, but also assign a specific seat at the table with a place card.  These can really dress up the table and look beautiful next to the menus and other table decor.

Menus – yes you are having a set menu and guests do not actually order off of a menu.  However, the menu tells the guests what food they will be receiving and there is usually a “thank you” from the bride and groom” at the bottom.  Menus also really dress up the table for little cost.  You can do one or two big fancy menus on each table, or you can do a smaller, simple menu and have it laid out on each guest’s plate.  Regardless, the “look” of the menu on the table is really nice and again they can be coordinated to go with your wedding theme/colors.

Programs – not so common anymore, but a very traditional wedding day item.  The program lists the wedding party, parents of the bride and groom, outlines the order of ceremony and the day.  It really gives your guests a sense of what to expect all day.

There are many other types of “day of” stationery – fans, escort cards, kissing menus, etc.

Regardless of how little or how much you want to spend on your “day of” stationery, we are here to help and work with all budgets.  The best time to order is when you have all the details ready, i.e. you know what the menu is going to be and where everyone will sit.

We look forward to hearing from you and making your special day even more special with our pretty stationery!

Diana Metlege