Order your wedding invitations early!

June is just around the corner and wedding season is in full force!  Are you ready?  Many couples are so busy planning the actual wedding and they wait until most of the planning is finished before dealing with their wedding invitations.  This is not a good idea for many reasons.

For one, waiting until the last minute will likely limit the types of wedding invitations that can be ordered within a short time frame.  You may not have enough time to order the invitation you really want or do a custom design. You’ve been planning your wedding day forever, so why shouldn’t you be able to order the cards of your dreams?

Secondly, you may incur extra costs for expedited production time.  If you’re already on a tight budget then why would you want costs that could have been avoided if you ordered sooner.

Thirdly, you will have significant stress if you order in a time crunch (and so will I!!!). There is never any absolute guarantee that your invitations will arrive on time or that other issues could arise.  What if they are damaged during shipping?  What if they are delayed in customs?  What if they arrive and you realize you needed 20 more? Planning a wedding is stressful enough, so if you can limit the stress levels you should.

So when should you order your invitations?  Although it’s great to choose your design and get started on the process as soon as possible, the best time to order is when you have confirmed the wedding ceremony and reception date, time and location.  These are all pertinent details and the invitation order cannot actually be placed until this information is ready.

Ideally, your invitations should be in hand at least 3 months before your wedding date.  This means you should place your order at least 5 months before your wedding to allow a full 2 months for production.

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Happy Planning!

Diana Metlege